brand identities

brand identity

Your business has so many components, complexities and moving parts. It’s hard to know how to combine those with your unique personality and decide how to show up in the world. Hands up if you’ve felt this pain!

A logo is an important part of your look, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. A brand identity encompasses all that is visual and aesthetic in your business. It answers questions you have about how things should look and if they fit the vibe of your business. No more guesswork because your brand identity has your back.

Starting with a logo, brand mark, colour palette and typography, a brand identity includes all the tools you need to create eye-catching visuals. Paired with textures/patterns, social templates and custom illustrated elements, you’re fully equipped to handle any brand challenge.

micro brand identity: logo, colour palette + typography guide

mini brand identity: logo, brand mark, colour palette, typography, textures/patterns + business card design

brand identity: logo, brand mark, colour palette, typography, textures/patterns, social templates, business card design + one additional design piece

brand identities

weddings & events

Whether you’re getting married, hosting a birthday bash or celebrating after your annoying neighbours finally move, customizing the party decor is so much fun. Menus, seating charts and programs can be more than just informational - they can be beautiful.

Customized printed pieces and hand lettered calligraphy are my event specialties.
These can include, but are not limited to:

welcome sign

seating chart

bar menu

card/guestbook sign

printed menu


thank you card

wedding/party invitation

murals & in-store signage

murals + in-store signage

Add personality to your space with a large scale mural! Share your brand message, create a totally instagrammable zone or spice up a boring washroom. The possibilities here are endless!

Cafes and restaurants, make those chalkboard menus legible and fun! Information can be cool too.

Hand painted lettering or illustrations are my typical go-to for murals. These can be done directly on your wall or existing menu board on site, or can be created on a board in my studio and installed in your space. Vinyl application is also a great option for a temporary design.

custom gif creation

custom gif creation

GIFs are my new favourite thing, and if you’re using instagram stories, probably yours too! They add a little whimsy to whatever you put them on and can easily convey a message or theme.

Custom gifs are awesome for brands, special events, coaches and programs, or just for fun! Here are just some of the possibilities:

animated logo to add on social media

custom illustrations to pair with your existing brand

wedding or event hashtag

uncommon objects specific to your job or company

Visit my GIPHY profile below to see the gifs I’ve created to share with the online community. It blows my mind that they’ve been used over 3.3 BILLION times! You can also search "down lo design co" on any gif keyboard (instagram, tiktok etc)

custom anything

custom anything

Have an idea? Let’s make it happen!

Customized designs can be anything! Receive digital designs, print pieces, or hand lettered objects. Some past projects include:

personalized track pants for a bridal party

illustrated portrait for sale as brand merch

actual brand merch clothing design

large acrylic calendar for use in a family home

and so much more!


Seriously, you’re the best! Thank you for taking the time to visit my website & learn more about my work!